Series 07, Episode 02
Air Date 20th January 2008
Previous When Jonny met Sharky
Next Homophobia is Gay

Dabdaa! is the second episode of the seventh of Two Pints which was first broadcast on 20th January 2008.

Summary Edit

After Jonny's death, the funeral is held, with Johnny being carried by his 'family', much to the annoyance of Gaz. Louise discovers she is pregnant, with Donna's nephew (Her brother, Dion, had sex with Louise when she was an alchoholic), beleiving it to be the spawn of Johnny, due to her being sick in Donna's bag (which she takes as an insult from beyond the grave).

Janet, tries to get through the stages of grief, (Denial, Anger, Barganing, Depression, Acceptance). Gaz, trying to help her, loses his 'masculinity' by allowing her to kicking him in his croch, twice. Donna decides to help Janet raise Corinthian, prove that she isn't cold to Jonny.


  • Although this episode is named "DABDAA" the actual phrase used in the show is "DABDA".