300px|right Dampness of the Pants or "the dampness of the pants is how we know" is a song sung by Janet and Jonny in the Two Pints musical flash back episode, When Janet Met Jonny.

Lyrics Edit

{Johnny - spoken} Hello, again.
{Janet - spoken} Hello.

You make me feel all shaky,
My hands are sweaty,
Like a fat girl's crack.
Is this love at first sight?

Or are you going cold turkey,
from smack?
You could be a psycho,

You could be a nympho,
I really do hope so.

Is this love at first sight?
I have to say that,
I don't really know.

I think we could be together,
I think we realy could go far,
Cos I'm not fussy whatsoever,

Does that mean that I can touch your arse?

It's the strangest feeling,
Now I've met you I will never let you go.

Is this love at first sight?

Cos my pants are damp,
That's how I know.

{Johnny}: Cos your pants are all damp,
{Janet) : Like a pissy old tramp.
{Both}  : Cos the pants are all damp, that's how we know,

The dampness of the pants is how we know. X3

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