Donna Wilkinson
First seen Fags, Shags And Kebabs
Last seen This Is Your Life
family Flo (Mum},Dion (Brother),Katie (Sister)
Portrayer Natalie Casey

Donna Henshaw is the smart but sarcastic friend of Janet. She is girlfriend to Gaz Wilkinson for many years, however later marries him, and then seperates.


Donna was born in 1980, being the second oldest in the group (Next to Gaz). Donna has a brother, Dion, and a sister, Katie. She is known to hate the majority of her extended family, as shown when Dion comes to her and Gaz's flat.

She started dating Gaz in the first episode, where they double-dated with an encouraging Janet and jealous Jonny. After a row with Gaz about the World Cup, she storms off, later to be convinced to go back by a now guilty Jonny. When they met up again, they decided to base their relationship on sex, rather than a love-centred one.

After her mother's death in Series 5, she has a strange reaction to her grief, and finds that she is aroused by simple, ridiculous things, like the vicar's hands, or Gaz needing his tie done up. Shortly after, she discovers that Gaz had an affair with Janet, and subsequently splits up with him. however, they got back together after he was hit by the ambulance meant for Janet, who was in labour at the time.

Gaz later convinced Donna to marry him, but, when she answers his question "What's your favourite Veg" & "What is your favourite flower" with "Cauliflower", he holds the wedding in The Archer (with Kelly as minister) and covers it with cauliflower, she flips, and breaks it off.

His second attempt in Series 7 was left to Janet, who turned it into a tribute to a now-deceased Jonny, but she chooses to continue.

After finding that he was having a second affair with Janet, she divorces him, and starts dating Wesley. However, when Gaz was given an ultimatum of "Janet or Donna", the public voted for Donna to be the permanent girlfriend. At the end of the series, however, Gaz chooses to be with Donna over Janet.


Gaz Wilkinson - Series 1 to Series 7
Wesley Presley - Series 7 to Series 8

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Other DislikesEdit

  • She dislikes vegetarians.
  • She also dislikes thin people who diet.

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