Gary "Gaz" Wilkinson is the long term boyfriend of Donna Henshaw, and the best friend of the deceased Jonny Keogh.


Gaz was born in 1979, has two sisters, Julie and Tasha, and a half-brother, Munch. He slept with Janet, and causes a break-up between him, Jonny, Janet, and Donna. He then thinks that Janet's child Corinthian could be his son, until it is found that he has a low sperm count.

A short while after his break-up with Donna, they reconcile after Gaz is in a traffic accident.

He also has an extremely large collection of pornographic magazines, and enjoys everything there is to do with sex. His favourite books include The Lust of the Mohicans, Pleasure Island, Macbiff and The Count Of Monte Cristo (although the cover doesn't actually say "Count").

He proposed to Donna numerous times throughout Series 6 before the two of them finally get engaged.

During the seventh series episode, here bums the bride, Gaz married his long-term girlfriend Donna Henshaw, it is also found out during the series that Gaz is Corinthian true father after Louise finds a letter from the hospital, sent to Jonny after he had a DNA test carried out.

Gaz also sleeps with Janet again in the second to last episode of the seventh series, and they decide that they are meant to be together, which eventually leads to him and Donna breaking up in the final episode of the series called "Borry"


Munch Wilkinson - Half-brother
Julie - Sister
Tasha - Sister
Corinthian Keogh - Son


Jonny Keogh


Donna Henshaw - Wife
Janet Keogh - Slept with her during Series Four, resulting in Corinthian.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Film & Television:Edit

  • He likes Hollyoaks (which, his portrayer, Will Mellor, starred in).
  • He also likes Monarch of the Glen.


  • He supports Manchester City FC.


  • Gaz had a large phobia of sheep, until he started a list in series seven of the three things he wanted to do before he died. This was featured on his list and he showed that he was unaffraid. However, this is contradicted in The Aftermath Part 1, when Janet sings "Upper Runcorn", and says that they "give him a fright".