Munch Wilkinson is the brother of Gaz Wilkinson, and has appeared in Series Three, Four, Five, and Seven.


Munch is the half-brother, good-friend and workmate of Gaz Wilkinson (who he thinks has a funny shaped head). He turned up at Gaz's Garage during Series Three, and claimed to be his Gaz's half-brother. After this was confirmed by his dad (off-screen), Gaz had no choice but to offer him a job. He left during Series Five, and returned in Series Seven, this time as a "changed man". This cover was blown when Gaz forces him to drink some Vimto, returning him to the Munch of old. He is shown to have a low IQ.

He has a fixation for Donna after walking into Gaz's flat to find her wearing a kinky nurses outfit. He tells Louise that he even once sucked her toe whilst she slept. He is socially inept with women, evident when he shouted out the word "woman" when he wanted to find one.

His sole talent is to make defunct car engines work, which he calls Munch magic. He often calls Gaz "Mr Wilkinson".

His whereabouts are currently unknown, as he hasn't been seen since he delivered Louise's baby.


Gaz Wilkinson - Half-brother
Tasha - Half-sister
Julie - Half-sister

Likes & DislikesEdit


  • Stale bread sandwiches
  • Brown sauce
  • Salt and vinegar chipsticks
  • Vimto (which according to him is " big, clever and purple, like the prime minister" and "a really mellow high")
  • Toast dipped in battery acid (cos it tastes stingy)