My Delicious Guava
Series 04, Episode 03
Air Date 29th February 2004
Previous Piggy Goes Oink
Next Cuggles

My Delicious Guava is the third episode of the fourth series of Two Pints which was first broadcast on 29th February 2004.

Summary Edit

Janet feels lonely and Louise asks to move in. Meanwhile Gaz can't wait to show off at the karaoke night and Munch has developed breasts.

plot Edit

Janet feels lonely and Louise asks to move in. Jonny is suffering from a weak bladder whenever he thinks about Kate. Gaz can't wait to show off at the karaoke night. Munch has developed breasts. Janet's seeking sexual relief from the vegetable world.

Louise and Janet discover an unwelcome, hairy spider in the house. Jonny's date with Kate is going well (but for peeing on her shoes) when Janet calls for help with the spider. Kate thinks this is a wonderful opportunity to meet Janet.

Jonny falls off a rock. Kate expertly bandages his injured foot and offers a piggy back to Janet's. Kate instructs Jonny on spider-ridding but Jonny faints. Janet dislikes Kate.

Donna forgets the karaoke and books to see a play with her Uni friends, upsetting Gaz in the process. Jonny says he'll support Gaz but then gets a better offer from Kate.

Louise leaves Janet's and Donna arrives, confessing she can't cope on the course. Donna's in the kitchen when Gaz arrives and tells Janet he thinks Donna will fail - she overhears this. Gaz ends up singing to an empty pub.

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