Series 03, Episode 10
Air Date 27th April 2003
Previous Dump
Next When Janet Met Jonny

Schluballybub is the tenth episode of Two Pints's third series which was broadcast for the first time on the 27th April 2003.

Synopsis Edit

Janet thinks that she has fallen out of love with Jonny. The warmth seems to have gone from their relationship. She tries to talk to him, but Jonny is as ever cheerfully oblivious and a bit thick.

Louise and David have an argument when he gives her a plant to nurture, as "a trust exercise". She kills it on purpose, tells him he's a pretentious drongo, and storms off.

Gaz and Donna have a serious row, too. Gaz has a sensitive problem in the bottom area and jumps to the conclusion that Donna has given him warts. She hasn't - it's only piles, for goodness sake - but by then Donna has already moved out in protest at being called a "rancid vessel". Two lonely people - Donna and David - bump into each other. David offers Donna a drink. Will they repeat that one-night-stand?

Meanwhile, Janet has come to a conclusion about her engagement to Jonny. In tears, she packs her bags and leaves the flat...