Stop Thinking, Start Drinking is a song which features in the Two Pint's musical episode "When Janet Met Jonny" which is shown at the end of the episode and involves the entire main cast(Jonny, Janet,Louise, Gaz and Donna) singing a pop style song.

Lyrics Edit

(Starts: 0:37)
When the pubs are shut,
And the taxi queue is long,
When your brain is mashed,
And your legs are working wrong.
When you havent pulled,
(Johnny & Janet)
Or even if you have,
When youve been to abdul's,
And he's spat on your kebab.
Stop thinking, start drinking,
Don't worry what your parents said,
Fill your mind with beer instead,
Stop thinking, start drinking,
Don't worry what your doctors say,
Your livers ruined any way.
When you've all been out,
And you've met the one you love, "Awww"
But your bottles gone,
And you might not get it up.
If you insecure,
That you might not be enough,
Get some alcopops,
And show the world your muff.
Stop thinking, start drinking,
Dont worry about health warnings,
Think about it in the morning,
Stop thinking, start drinking,
If you think your heads in trouble,
Have some more you'll see it double.
Stop thinking and start drinking!
Stop thinking, start drinking,
Stop your thinking, please start drinking,
Stop your thinking, and start drinking.
Stop thinking, start drinking,
If your scared you've had too much,
You need some courage from the dutch,
Stop thinking, start drinking,

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