When Janet Met Jonny
Series 00, Episode 00
Air Date 21st December 2003
Previous Schluballybub
Next Corinthian Dies

When Janet Met Jonny is the a special musical flash back episode of Two Pints's which was broadcast in-between series third and four.

The episode is a flash back showing how one of the main couples of the series, Janet and Jonny first met prior to the first series.

Synopsis Edit

As Janet leaves the house and her relationship with Jonny behind, she discovers a photo taken on the night that they first met. In a series of songs, the five friends recount the events of that night, and how it was love at first sight for the two, though Janet getting her baps out did help.



When Janet met Jonny was released along with the Series 3 & 4 DVD set, in the first of the Series 4 Discs.


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