When Jonny met Sharky
Series 06, Episode 11
Air Date 13th January 2008
Previous When Janet Killed Jonny
Next Dabdaa!

When Jonny met Sharky is the seventh episode of the third series of Two Pints which was first broadcast on 13th January 2008.


Jonny wins a holiday in the TV Quick magazine, to go shark jumping in Hawaii. Gaz wants to be more daring than him, so tries "snake jumping", amongst other activities.

Donna and Janet compete for a job in The Archer, and Louise wants a job too, so they all attempt to be the best in a talent show-like competition, involving singing to "My Heart will go on" and "Chick Chick Chicken". Also, we meet the new manager of The Archer, Tim Claypole. Janet gets a phone call telling her that Jonny was eaten by the shark, and Donna gets the job.



  • This was the first live episode of Two Pints, and the first live episode of a British Sitcom.
  • This was the first episode featuring the character Tim Claypole.
  • This was the first episode that Jonny is absent from.
    • Therefore, it is the first episode not to feature all of the original five characters.