[Johnny:] Girl shake you got what it takes u girl just wont stop me from bein your date.

All I know dat u r the one you make the sun shine like a wagon wheel

You make me feel like the last tonics in the tin, to be eaten with a cup of tea in ma kitchen ,yeh.

Janet: I've always wanted someone just like you, [you're my biccy wiccy]

You throw up on women, that's true [Show me ur tricky tricky]

But after the night in the club [Lets get sticky sticky]

It was me that u covered in flob [In flob yah]

It wasn't Donna or Louise [Me cant breathe]

You chose me to empty ur goods upon [I wanna empty all my other stuff too]

And that was sweet and special, I'm the 1 [Doesn't matter well its gonna stick like glue]

And we were all so close, u spewed up on my clothes , it wasn't Donna or Louise [Who wants Donna or Louise now]

Coz you are my girl u are my biscuit I must say it again in case ya missed it Im gonna dunk u just like a biscuit and im wantin a change im gon risk it

You are my girl ur my biscuit im gonna say it again case u missed it Im gonna dunk u just like a biscuit yeh im wantin a change im gon risk it.

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